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Xena & Her Soulmate
“Aquarians are sarcastic but also have a serious twist when they talk, so you really wouldn’t know if they’re being serious with you or not.”
Mad skills


If Regina Mills is not madly in love with Emma Swan and jealous as hell of Hook, the Lana Parrilla is the worst actress EVER.

  •  i have only seen little bits of the last few episodes but can someone tell me - did hook actually help Ariel and Eric because he didn't look to comfortable in that mirror scene ?
  • “When Aquarius are in their “alone mode” and you bother them, they’ll probably be rude and detached the whole time you’re in the room”

    Xena and Gabrielle are reunited. [6.08 "The Ring"]


This moment…


    This moment…


     Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a  love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in  Person B’s ear.


    But that’s Hope.

    “Once upon a time, Aquarius fell in love with the wrong person.”



    Actual dialogue from the show. 

    Where you go, I’m at your side.