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Xena & Her Soulmate
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Hi Everyone, i will do a Xena gif set for the most mentioned of each question, if you tell me your fave - character - villain - episode - season - weapon - Xena outfit and Xena/Gabrielle moment

Answers by midday on Monday 22nd Sept GMT

"I would have told her … that I love her."
[2.13] The Quest

“Aquarius have very deep personalities, no matter how long you’ve known them there’s always something new you will find out about them.”

Maura Isles in 5x09


"And Gabrielle knows Xena is her soulmate. And without a word, kisses her. A kiss that’s filled with eternity but ends almost instantly when the royal Roman guards storm in and forcefully pull them apart." —When Fates Collide, original script

credit [x]

“An Aquarius tends to use heavy loads of sarcasm when they’re pissed off, because they don’t want to say things too hurtful to others”


What is a hero without a villain?

What is a villain without a hero?


Translation. “Let go of my lover to be assholes or I’ll rip you a new one.”

“Aquarius have mastered being alone, but that doesn’t mean they want it that way. They’re just very, very, very picky.”

Lana’s AfterEllen interview


"Xena, I have a last wish"

"I don’t want to hear of it"